ALT is a biotechnology company active in the field of microbial fluidics and automated genetics. It develops, manufactures and operates automated devices enabling the directed evolution of microbial populations in laboratory apparatuses based on proprietary GM3 technology. ALT will contribute to SinFonia with the design, construction and operation of cultivation devices to evolve strains constructed and enhance the activity of synthetic biofluorination pathway via a smart metabolic engineering approach in which fluorination becomes part of the primary bacterial metabolism in metabolically re-wired P. putida strains.



Dr. Sandrine Gosling

M.Sc. Audrey Rivasseau

Eng. Julien Patrouix

Simon Trancart




5 Rue Henri Desbrueres

Bio Cluster G

91030 Evry



Phone: +33618430698


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Work Packages

Role in Sinfonia

Design, construction and testing of automated GM3 cultivation devices for long-term adaptive selection towards efficient biofluorination-dependent bacteria growth

Key people involved and expertise

Simon Trancart (male). ALT’s CEO and co-founder; expert in directed evolution of microbial populations, leader in conception, design and
implementation of automated cultivation devices (both software and hardware) for evolutionary engineering purposes.