IN S.R.L. is a small agency founded in 2008 whose mission is to support private and public organizations in participating to EU, national and local innovation projects and to provide professional project management services. IN is currently involved in several collaborations with SMEs (mainly in the nanotechnology, chemical and renewable biofuels sectors), universities and research institutes (in nanotechnology,
health and energy) from all over Europe. IN adopts a market-driven and innovationfocused approach to project management with strong links between idea generation and exploitation strategies. The company business model is focused on nurturing an idea from its inception to market exploitation which allows for the establishment of strong relationships with our clients.



Chem. Ing. Laura Martinelli

Dr. Guido Chiarotti




Via Carducci 9a

33100 Udine



Phone: +39 373 7907613


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Work Packages

Role in Sinfonia

Innovation management, communication and dissemination, administration support, organization of exploitation plans

Key people involved and expertise

Chem. Ing. Laura Martinelli (female). IN’s CEO and founder; expert in innovation management, professional facilitator, vast experience in supporting innovation from early stage to mature TRLs.