Biofaction K.G. (founded in 2010) is a research and science communication company based in Vienna, Austria. BFC has significant expertise in science communication, film production, technology assessment and the study of ethical, legal and social issues in a number of emerging sciences and technology (genetic engineering, synthetic biology, converging technology, climate change, energy systems, vaccines and antibiotics development). BFC provides expertise and services in the following areas:
– science communication and managing the science society interface on a global level.
– film and video production on science and technology.
– technology assessment of new and emerging science and technologies.
– art and science collaboration.



Dr. Markus Schmidt

Camillo Meinhart

Dr. Lei Pei

Sandra Youssef, MA

Ege Kökel, MA




Kundmanngasse 39/12

1030 Vienna



Phone: +43 1 9431194


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Dr. Markus Schmidt (male). BFC’s CEO and founder; experienced policy adviser with solid background in biology, risk assessment and communication, he has performed many projects on communicating ethicallycontested technological solutions.

Key people involved and expertise

Engagement of the public on perception about the use of synthetic biology and emphasis on engineered bacteria as future source of value-added F-chemicals