The University of St Andrews is an ancient (founded in 1413) publically funded UK University which has a strong Teaching and Research ethos and has a motto ‘Ever to excel’. It is extremely strong in Chemistry and the Biosciences. The fluorinase enzyme was first isolate and characterized in St. Andrews in 2002 by the O’Hagan laboratory.

Prof. David O'Hagan

Dr Phillip T. Lowe



North Street 66

College Gate

KY16 9AJ  St Andrews

United Kingdom





Role in Sinfonia

In vitro reconstruction of the synthetic biofluorination pathway, advanced analytical techniques for testing fluorometabolites biosynthesis in engineered strains, high-resolution methods to analyze F/C ratios in the fluoropolymers

Key people involved and expertise

Prof. David O'Hagan (male). Senior Scientist and group leader; worldwide authority in organofluorine chemistry (synthesis and properties of F-chemicals and fluorination enzymology). He was awarded the IChemE 'Judges Award' for isolating the fluorinase enzyme in 2002, and the American Chemical Society (ACS) Award for 'Creative work in fluorine chemistry' in 2012.