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Dr. Carole Linster

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emma Schymanski

Dr Corey Griffith




2 Avenue de l’Université

L-4365 Esch sur Alzette



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Work Packages

Role in Sinfonia

Metabolomic techniques to screen the repertoire of fluorometabolites and unwanted by-products in engineered P. putida and designing metabolite repair modules for strain consolidation.

Key people involved and expertise

Dr. Carole Linster (female). Group leader; expert in enzymology and development of metabolomics strategies for non-conventional metabolites,
discovered mechanisms of metabolite repair in different biological systems.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emma Schymanski (female). Group leader and FNR ATTRACT Fellow in Environmental Cheminformatics, specializing in open cheminformatics, computational mass spectrometry and non-target identification workflows.

Dr. Corey Griffith (male). Postdoctoral Researcher; expert in metabolomics and analytical chemistry, specializing in unknown compound identification and environmental toxicology.