BPL is an Irish SME with patented technology for the manufacture and processing of a range of biodegradable and biocompatible polymers from sustainable and waste resources. BPL is also a product developer and solutions provider. The company’s success to date has been the production of bio-polymers known as mediumchain- length polyhydroxyalkanoate (MCL-PHA). MCL-PHAs are elastomers and are more flexible than any other PHA-polymer currently on the market. They are fully biodegradable blends and additives, ideal for commodity and packaging applications. BPL also has extensive knowhow in the production and purification of short-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoates (SCLPHAs). BPL has developed several blends and composites of both SCL- and MCL-PHA and has significant knowhow on the blending of these polymers with other polymers both traditional petrochemical and other biodegradable polymers. Both types of PHAs will be produced as part of the SinFonia project.



Dr. Shane Kenny

Dr William Casey



Bioplastech Ltd.
Nova Innovation Centre
University College Dublin
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Role in Sinfonia

Scale-up of the bioprocess for cost-effective production of novel PFHA polymers from sugar, assessment of a range of downstream polymer recovery methodologies

Key people involved and expertise

Dr. Shane Kenny (male). BPL’s director of bio-processing; expert in industrial biotechnology of biopolymers. He has been leading the manufacturing and research programmes of BPL for the last six years.